Anyone can make you tired and sweat. We are here to coach you and give you an experience that will get you RESULTS!

ITP Team Training is our group training programs. These programs have proven to burn maximum fat in minimum time using a short, high intensity strength and conditioning sessions per week.

ITP Team Training workouts are very unique; designed to be challenging and effective, yet fun. Find visible results and quick success through high doses of camaraderie and support from other ITP Team members and your instructors alike.

Our ITP Team Training program involves the use of compound functional movements done in a circuit-training format for maximum fat loss and muscle toning long after you leave the gym. Only the most effective exercises are done at ITP — without wasting any time jogging, doing aerobic exercises, agility drills, or other ineffective exercises like so many other boot camp programs — which is why we are able to deliver significantly faster and better results in significantly fewer weekly workouts.

In Team Training we offer two different programs, Strength Camp and Elevate.

  • Strength Camp is focused on big total body movements.  Think squats, pushes, pulls, and core working lots of muscle in return burning lots of calories.  The workouts focus more on muscular strength and less on the cardiovascular system.  We challenge our clients to lift heavy with perfect form.  We never sacrifice form for more weight.  
  • Elevate focus on getting the heart rate up for a period of time followed by a period of recovery.  This is also called interval training or high intensity interval training (HIIT) in the popular press.  We typically utilize different implements on these days, things like ropes, bodyweight exercises, and medicine balls.  

Our team training schedule alternates between strength and metabolic  days throughout the week allowing individuals to train back to back days


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